Ada species

Ada keiliana

Ada allenii.

Will grow H,I or C.   Very pretty and striking colour. Flower about 2cm wide and 6cm long.

Ada keiliana.

Cool to Intermediate. A medium grower, flowers 4cm x 15cm long.

Having just flowered a plant of “Brassia  longissima” and checked it out it appears to be more like Ada kieliana than this photo which when checked out looks like Ada allenii, so I think this is the correct name for this plant

A closer view.

Ada keiliana.

Cool to Intermediate. A medium grower, flower 7 to 16cm long.

A closer view.

It changes colour after about 3 to 4 weeks.

Ada kieliana.

Cool to Intermediate, A medium grower, I had this labeled as  Brassia longissima but looking at other photos I don’t think it is ( any comments please feel free)

The plant just flowered turned out to be Brassia arcuigera. It shows that the label is not always right, so any help on wrong identification is always welcome.

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