Brassia species

Br gireoudiana

Brassia gireoudeana.

C to I, A largish grower,pseudobulbs can be 9cm tall and 7cm wide,
flower about 12cm long.

Brassia arcuigera

A medium grower, first flowering, in July I think.

This is still up in the air but I tend to lean toward Brassia arcuigera.

It has a compressed pseudobulb with very sharp edges and a single leaf.

A closer view.

Br verrucosa 3

Brassia verrucosa.

C to I, A medium grower,grows easily,flower about 7.7 to 8cm, a very brackish aroma.

Brassia verrucosa.

A medium grower, really flowered well this year, flowered from 21/11 to 21/12 but we had a lot of rain, flower 4cm x 7cm long.

A closer look.

Brassia warzewitzii

Brassia warczewitzii.

I to W. I grew this a looooong time ago, medium size grower, flower not very big about 4cm, I don’t think it had a perfume.

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