Jumellea Species

Jumellea cormorensis.

Cool to Intermediate. A smallish grower,single flowers to about 3. to 3.5cm with a spur about 8cm long. Pollinated by a night flying moth with a long probosis the reaches to the bottom of the spur,has a nice nighttime perfume. This is growing very happily in a semi shaded fissure in the rock wall. Monopodial habit.

Jumellea cormorensis.

A small monopodial grower, a gem of a plant always in flower or coming into flower, flower 4cm with a 120cm long spur.

Jumellea cormorensis with the 2 flowers

Jumelea major (1)

Jumelea major.

In situ on the wall.

This is the first flowering and like most white African species it has strong night time fragrance.

Jumelea major (3)

A close up.

Jumellea neglecta.

Cool to Intermediate. A medium grower,flower to about 2.5 to3cm,long spur to about 7cm,night perfume.

Jumellea sp.No.1.

Cool to Intermediate. A smallish grower, flower to about 4. 5 to 5cm,evening perfume.

Jumellea sp.No.2.

Cool Intermediate. A medium grower,single flowres to about 4.5 to 5cm,long spur and an evening perfume.

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