Catasetum Species

Catasetum pileatum1

Catasetum pileatum.

Ito W. a medium growing  orchid,prefers semi shade, flowers to about 6 cm.

Catasetum tabulare1

Catasetum macroglossum.

I to W, a medium grower,prefers a shady spot, flowers to about 5 cm, I think it had an aniseedy smell.

The flowers on these plants can either be male or female, sometimes together but often either one or the other, identification is a lot easier with the male flowers as the female flowers tend to be very similar.

The name on this species has been corrected by Jack Hickman’s investigation.

Catasetum sp1

Catasetum interrigerum.
I to W, any medium grower,prefers a shady spot. Flowers to about 5 cm long.

Jack Hickman wrote a comment as to the ID of this flower and the name has been added.

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  1. Jack Hickman said:

    Hey, Ken,

    Great pics!

    The bottom pic I am pretty sure is Catasetum integerrimum. I have one, but it is pale green and yellow, and smells of clove. The flowers remind me of StarWars sandmen, for some reason – yours more than mine because of the color. (grin)

    Are you sure about the second one (Catasetum tabulare1)? I believe it to be Catasetum macrocarpum, or macroglossum. I have the same plant, which opened yesterday, and the blooms are identical to yours. A google search of C. tabulare shows completely different blooms. But I have found Catasetums to be SO variable, I am reluctant to make anything more than an inquisitive comment. I agree with your assessment of the scent. For now, It reminds me of soggy hay and black pepper. Kind of disappointing. I hope it improves as the flowers mature.

    check this link:

    That’s how I found your pics.

    I REALLY like your site, Ken! Thanks, for having it available.

    Jack Hickman

  2. Ken Blackburn said:

    Hi Jack, Thanks for your comments, I think you could be right about the third photo and will alter the caption.
    Education and correctness is the name of the game, no name is better than the wrong name.
    I have had a look at many female flower photos of Catasetum species and it is very hard to tell one from the other in a photo, no problem with male flowers and of course I no longer have the plant as the photo was taken about 30 years ago.
    I really appreciate that you enjoy the site and that make it worthwhile the time it takes up.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Jack Hickman said:

    Hey, Ken!

    I got with one of the judges in the orchid society I am a member of (GNTOS), yesterday afternoon. It turns out to be Catasetum macroglossum. Thought you would like to know for sure. And the scent has not mellowed out. (grin)

    Jack Hickman

  4. Jack Hickman said:

    Hey, Ken.

    My above message refers to pic two. It is definitely not C. tabulare, but macroglossum. Jim Williams, the judge I referred to in the above message told me he thought slightly warmer temps during development would have had the blooms open a little wider. OrchidWiz claims that it is a natural hybrid, but did not give of what. I wonder if of integerrimum and macrocarpum…

    Anyway, Thanks again for providing this site!

    Jack Hickman

  5. Ken Blackburn said:

    Hi Jack,I have just seen some pics of the female flower Catasetum macroglossum and I am inclined to agree with you, thanks for sticking with it.
    And thanks for liking the site,makes me feel like I am helping the orchid fraternity.
    Kind Regards,

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