The Rock Wall Jan 2011

The Rock Wall Jan 2011, these photos show how the wall has progressed in the last 12 months.

The tree ferns are now about 6ft tall and are very secure in the ground now, but the root system is very fibrous and hard and I may have to uproot some orchids and rescue the from the invasive roots and just sit them on top of the root system.

The tree ferns are now creating a lot of shade and keeping the hot sun off the orchids, but I think at times there may be too much shade which makes for very dark green leaves and not a lot of substance in the pseudobulbs, but at least I can move them

I know that if I tied an orchid to the side of a growing tree fern the root system, which is the brown part at the base as well as what is in the ground, will grow over the orchid and if it is a small orchid it would disappear, eaten up by the growing root and I am not sure whether the orchids growing near the base of the tree ferns would suffer a similar fate, time will tell.

I will be posting orchids that flower now by the month as the yearly one was too slow to get the information out.

Cheers for now and have a happy new year.


This is the Eastern side of centre.

This is the Western side of centre.

This is the Eastern end.

This is the Western end.

This is a view to the East.

This is the view to the West.

This a view down the Eastern side.

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