I have pruned all the tree ferns to allow a little more sunshine and warmth as the temperature is getting a little lower, night temperatures have been down to 6 to 8 degrees as the skies are very clear.

Someone asked what the temperature would be in the rock wall 2metres up the wall so I put a min max thermometer in a crevice in the wall, still exposed to the outside and it was 2 degrees warmer than in the open.

Still flowering this month are :- Aerangis macrocentrum, Calanthe vestita, Cattleya jenmanii, Ceratostylis retisquama, Coelogyne fimbriata, Coel ovalis, Coel ovalis fma alba, Dendrochilum yuccaefolium, Epidendrum haemanthum, Epi Hybrid, Neobenthamia gracilis, Oncidium flexuosum, Onc ornithorhyncum, Polystachya galeata, Spathoglottis bulbosa and Spath Hybrid.

Flowering this month are Bulbophyllum masdevaliaceum,  Oncidium cheirophorum, Onc Twinkle, Pterostylis Ruckman, photos can be found under their own categories else-ware on the site.

This is the June view through my kitchen window.

This is still up in the air but I tend to lean toward Brassia arcuigera.

It has a compressed pseudobulb with very sharp edges and a single leaf.

A closer view.


Cattleya deckeri.

A closer view.

Cattleya Hybrid.

Dinema polybulbon,

Cool to Intermediate. A small rambling grower suited to a host,single flower 1.2cm.

A closer view.

Neobenthamia gracilis.

The plants have settled down now and are all starting to flower.

Oncidium cheirophorum.



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