The temperature is still a little on the low side 9 and 10 degrees but we have had some 15s also so that looks promising,had to take my seedlings into the garage to keep them a little warmer.

None of the orchids on the wall seemed to have suffered although Bulbophyllum masdevalleaceum had about 30 flowers coming but succumbed to the cold and ended up with only a couple of flowers.

I notice that some people find the site by asking a question, whether they find an answer I don’t know but feel free to ask any questions through the COMMENT window and I will try to answer any queries you may have.

Still flowering this month are Brassia arcuigera, Calanthe vestita,Cattleya deckeri, Coelogyne ovalis fma alba, Dendrochilum wenzellii, Dinema polybulbon, Epidendrum haematum, Epi Hybrid, Neobenthamia gracilis, Oncidium cheirophorum, Onc flexuosum, Onc Twinkle, Polystachya galeana, Spathoglottis Hybrid.

Photographs of the above can be found under their own specific category else-ware on the site.

This month is a slow month for new flowerings but with last months still in flower it still looks pretty colourful.


Ada keiliana.

Cool to Intermediate. A medium grower, flowers 4cm x 15cm long.

A closer view.

Cymbidium tracyanum.

Cool to Intermediate. A large grower, flowered very well this year, 3 inflorescences with 24 flowers on 2 and 19 on the other, 150cm flowers, perfume only when warmed by sunshine.

Dendrochilum wenzellii.

Cool to Intermediate.  A smallish grower, flower only small3mm but nice.

A closer view.

Dinema polybulbon.

Cool to Intermediate. A small rambling grower, just taking off and will cover a big bit of the rock face,( I hope).

A closer view.

Polystachya galeata.

Cool to Intermediate. A medium grower, this plant has not stopped flowering for months and it has a delicate fragrance.

A closer view.

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