2012 December Flowers.

No rain, very hot weather, very strong winds does nothing for an outside orchid garden that relies on tree fern fronds for shade.

But some didn’t mind and carried on regardless.

Aerides odorata (1)

Aerides odorata.

Aerides odorata (4)

A closer view.

Aspasia lunata (1)

Aspasia lunata.

Aspasia lunata (3)

A closer view.

Bulbo sikkimensis

Bulbophyllum sikkimensis.

Den cupreum

Dendrobium cupreum.

Den mutabile (2)

Dendrobium mutabile.

Den mutabile

A closer view.

Den sanguinolentum (1)

Dendrobium sanguinolenta.

Den sanguinolentum (2)

A closer view.


Enc alata (2)

A close view of Encyclia alata.

Enc belizensis (1)

Encyclia belizensis.

Enc belizensis (2)

A closer view.

Enc livida (2)

Encyclia livida.

Enc livida (3)

A closer view.


Onc flexuosum

Oncidium flexuosum.

This plant flowers for most of the year.

A closer view.

A closer view.

Poly galeata (2)

Polystachya galeata.

This plant flower for most of the year.


A closer view.

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