2013 February Flowers

2013 February Flowers.

Wow! how time flies when you retire,, makes you wonder how I managed when I was working.

However, we have had a lot of rain and things booming.

Cerato retisquama

Ceratostylis retisquama.

This plant will flower 2 or 3 times a year.

Den bracteosum (2)

Dendrobium bracteosum.

This has to be a top orchid, flowers for about 6 to 7 months and so pretty.


Another view.

Den bracteosum (1)

A closer view.

Den lawesii (2)

This orchid came up on it`s own,looks like Dendrobium lawesii.

So ID anybody please.

Den lawesii (1)

A closer view.

Den lawesii fme bicolor

Dendrobium lawesii fma bicolor.

Second time flowering, more flowers.

Den mutabile

A close up of Dendrobium mutabile..

Dendro latifolium (2)

Dendrochilum latifolium.

This orchid has a very strong fragrance.

Dendro latifolium (1)

A closer view.

Kingiella deliciosa (1)

Kingiella deliciosa.

A small grower, small flowers but last a while.

Kingiella deliciosa (2)

A closer view.

Liparis rhodchila

Liparis rhodochila.

Only a small grower but very pretty.

Milt regnellii

Miltonia regnelii.

This orchid has a very nice and distinct fragrance.

Neoben gracilis (1)

Neobenthamia gracilis.

This orchid will flower a couple of times a year and stay in flower for quite a while.

Neoben gracilis (2)

A closer view

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