2013 August Flowers.

This month has a few new ones,some hybrids to brighten up the wall and some Sarcs.

Blc Glorious May (2)

Blc Glorious May

In situ.

Blc Glorious May (3)

A closer look.

Cat intermedia

Cattleya intermedia.

This one is quite a tall slim plant.

Cat intermedia'Cherry Pink' (2)

Cattleya intermedia ‘ Cherry Pink’

A medium size plant in situ.

Cat intermedia'Cherry Pink' (1)

A closer look.

Cat intermedia'Judith' (1)‘Judith’

Cattleya intermedia ‘Judith’

A small grower in situ.

Cat intermedia'Judith' (2)

A closer look.

Cat intermedia'Robina' (1)

Cattleya intermedia’Robina’

A medium size plant.

Gon truncata (2)

Gongora truncata.

An unusual flower, best grown in a basket.

This is in situ on the edge of the wall.

Gon truncata (3)

A closer look.

Phal wisonii (2)

Phalaenopsis wilsonii.

A small grower with tiny leaves, in situ.

Phal wisonii (1)

A closer look.

Polystachy galeana

Polystachya galeana.

In situ and still flowering, it flowers most of the year.

Sarco Cream Cake x S fitzgeradii'Lorraine' (2)

Sarcochilus Cream Cake X S fitzgeraldii ‘Lorraine’.

First flowering.

Sarco Dove x S Heidi (1)

Sarcochilus Dove X S Heidi.

In situ.

Sarco Dove x S Heidi (2)

A closer look.

Sarco Fitzhart'Red' (1)

Sarcochilus Fitzhart ‘Red’

In situ

Sarco Fitzhart'Red' (3)

A closer look.

Sarco George Colthup'Globe' x S Sharon (3)

Sarcochilus George Colthup ‘Globe’ X S Sharon

Sarco George Colthup'Globe' x S Sharon (2)

A closer look.

Sarco hartmannii x S australis (2)

Sarcochilus hartmannii X S australis.

In situ.

Sarco hartmannii x S australis (1)

A closer look.

Sarco Heidi'Red Flash' (1)

Sarcochilus Heidi ‘Red Flash’

In situ.

Sarco Heidi'Red Flash' (2)

A closer look.

Sarco Otway's Robin (2)

Sarcochilus Otway’s Robin

In situ.

Sarco Otway's Robin (1)

A closer look.

Sarco Sweetheart (1)

Sarcochilus Sweetheart.

In situ.

Sarco Sweetheart

A closer look.

Sarco Tigress (2)

Sarcochilus Tigress.

In situ.

Sarco Tigress (1)

A closer look.









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