2014 July Flowers

Not a lot at the moment.

Den bulbophiliodes (3)

Dendrobium bulbophyllioides.

A small growing scrambling orchid, grown by Judith in one of her Bonsai houses.

Showing growth habit.

This is the first flowering.

Den bulbophiliodes (1)

A close up of the flower.

Den lawesii

Dendrobium lawesii.

In situ in the wall.

A red purple form.

Den prenticei

Dendrobium prenticei.

Grown by Judith.

This is a piece of my plant the I bought from Lloyd Bradford40 odd years ago.


Dinema polybulbon.

In situ in and on the rock face and is really taking off.


Dendrochilum wenzelii.

In situ in the wall.

Jumelea major (1)

Jumelea major.

In situ on the wall.

This is the first flowering and like most white African species it has strong night time fragrance.

Jumelea major (3)

A close up.

Complete with ants.

Laelia superbiens (1)

Laelia superbiens.

Growing at the base of the wall and the tallest inflorescence is 7 foot tall (225cm).

Laelia superbiens (3)

A little closer.

Mas Copper Wing X M pichincha 'Pink Wing'

Masdevallia Copper Wing X M pichinchin ‘Pink Wing’

In situ in the wall, adds a little colour and variety.

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