2015 October Flowers.

Right this one takes us up to date, I will endeavour to keep a little more up to date in future as I know a lot of people view the site, Thank you.

Bulbo sinapsis and Mas infrata

Bulbophyllum sinapsis in the foreground and Masdevallia infracta in the background in situ.

Bulbo wendlandiana

Bulbophyllum wendlandianum in situ scrambling on the rock.

Den chrysoglossum

Dendrobium chrysotoxum in situ always puts on a good show.

Lycaste aromatica

Lycaste aromatica in situ, has been moved and is settling down now.

Milt spectabilis

Miltonia spectabilis in situ.

Polystachya paniculata (4)

Polystachya paniculata in situ it also has been moved and is the better for it.

Polystachya paniculata (3)

A close view.

Slc Wendy's Valentine 'June'

Slc Wendy’s Valentine ‘June’ in situ, very pretty, bit of a shy flowerer.

Vascostylis Hybrid

Vascostylis Hybrid in situ on the wall.

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