August 2020

Hi everyone,,,long time no write,,,I am still alive and kicking and while not much has changed round the back, apart from plants getting bigger and loosing some,,I started to do the east side garden, it is much lower and easily accessable as I am not getting any younger.

I find now ferns pop up everywhere, mainly Maiden hair and Selaginella, at the back a skeleton fern has just popped from where I know not.

This has been done from 2018 and I still add ideas as the come to me.

I laid pavers cleaner and easier to walk on and very few weeds.

I added branches over the garden to accomodate Bulbophyllums some Dendrochilum, Gongora, Gastrochilus,Mediocalcar and other spreading genera.

North end
This is from north to south the length of the wall about 30meters
1 The numbers are taken from the north towards the south end
This is the most fragrant orchid I know, it’s fragrance wafts all down the side, it is Maxillaria picta
Maxillaria variabilis fma aurea
Another plant of Ludisea discolor in the garden
Dinema polybulbon
North end looking downward where Ludisia discolor grow in a crevice

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