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  1. Kenny Wicks said:

    Do you Sell Any Orchids
    From Kenny Wicks
    Thank You

  2. Administrator said:

    Hi Kenny, I sent an email to you regarding your question.

  3. Carson Barnes said:

    You might want to examine the lip structure of the entity labeled Papilionanthe vandarum. What is shown is teres; vandarum has much longer pendent leaves, cirrhi on the side lobes of the lip. For example photo showing cirrhi, see

  4. Ken Blackburn said:

    Hi Carson, I thank you for your comment and you are absolutely correct it is Papilionanthe teres, my mistake.

    But this is what it is all about and the more comments the better as I want the site to be 100% correct.

    I shall correct it immediately.

    Kind Regards,

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