This is the place to ask a question about any of the orchids and their culture and ambiguities.

Someone asked if Dendrobium moschatum flowered only on canes that had lost their leaves and the answer is that they will flower on both, canes with or without leaves.

It is best to leave any canes or pseudobulbs on the plant after flowering or they have lost their leaves,as there may be eyes that may flower or throw a keiki and also they do provide nourishment for the plant,,that is why when you divide a plant a minimum of three canes or pseudobulbs are advised.

So if you have any question I will do my best to come up with an answer and if you wish to leave an email address it will be answered.



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  1. Greetings Ken, I recently discovered your blog and really appreciate it, plenty whet the appetite. I’m just up the road from you in Willow Vale and am rebuilding an orchid collection after growing I started growing them as a kid but having to restart several times since.

    I’m interest to hear in terms of warmer orchids what you’ve trialled. I’ve always grown dendrobiums and stanhopea so species like phalaenopsis and angraecum are fairly new to me. My goal is to grow as much outside as I can (I have a nice bushy area with plenty of rock) although I’ve started mostly with sure fire species, however I have put a vanilla planifolia and an angraecum sesquipedale at the base of some trees to see how they do – I’ve grown Nepenthes for years and have discovered that even some of the heat lovers will suffer a cooler winter provided the summers are hot and sticky.

  2. Administrator said:

    Hi Hamish,pleased you like the site.
    All the photos in the Flower series from 2008 on are of orchids on the rock wall so temp range is always cool to intermediate but some would possibly grow better a bit warmer.
    We only have the rock wall, no glass house or bush house for growing.
    All will need some shade if grown outdoors.
    African sp seem to do well but Phallies do not like the cold temp on rock but may be ok on a tree as the tree does have a bit of inner warmth.
    Mainly it is trial and error in finding the right micro climate.
    Good luck and good growing.

  3. Hi there!
    Wonderful blog!
    Just wondering where u are growing your orchids, ie. what country/area?

  4. Ken Blackburn said:

    Hi Rachael, thanks for your comment,they are growing on the Gold Coast of Queensland in Australia.

    We are quite near the sea so our temperature is steady all year round.



  5. Hi Ken, its soo beautiful fotos of orchid. Im from Indonesia west java. Im amateur of orchid some i cannot found names of species. Can i upload the fotos to discoveres name. Maybe you can post to this site for more collection. Thanks its soo educate me.

  6. Ken Blackburn said:

    Hi Puadi, thanks for your comment, if you can upload the photos to this site I will see if I can identify them for you.

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