2014 July Flowers

Not a lot at the moment.

Den bulbophiliodes (3)

Dendrobium bulbophyllioides.

A small growing scrambling orchid, grown by Judith in one of her Bonsai houses.

Showing growth habit.

This is the first flowering.

Den bulbophiliodes (1)

A close up of the flower.

Den lawesii

Dendrobium lawesii.

In situ in the wall.

A red purple form.

Den prenticei

Dendrobium prenticei.

Grown by Judith.

This is a piece of my plant the I bought from Lloyd Bradford40 odd years ago.


Dinema polybulbon.

In situ in and on the rock face and is really taking off.


Dendrochilum wenzelii.

In situ in the wall.

Jumelea major (1)

Jumelea major.

In situ on the wall.

This is the first flowering and like most white African species it has strong night time fragrance.

Jumelea major (3)

A close up.

Complete with ants.

Laelia superbiens (1)

Laelia superbiens.

Growing at the base of the wall and the tallest inflorescence is 7 foot tall (225cm).

Laelia superbiens (3)

A little closer.

Mas Copper Wing X M pichincha 'Pink Wing'

Masdevallia Copper Wing X M pichinchin ‘Pink Wing’

In situ in the wall, adds a little colour and variety.

2014 June.

Well, we were fed up with the spores from the tree ferns going everywhere and I mean everywhere and the frond were always having to be mulched ( more spores up ones nose),but they really did a good job.

So we decided to put a shade cover over,very difficult tiptoeing around the orchids and around the tree fern stumps putting up the frame and then even harder for Judith to put and secure the shadecloth, it had to be done and look just right, which it does as you can see from the photos.

Right section of the wall

Looking at the left end of the wall.

Centre left section of the wall

Center right of the wall.

Right centre section of the wall

Center of the wall.

Left section of the wall

Center left of the wall.

Lefthand section of the wall

Looking at the right end of the wall.

Far right and side wall

Side wall looking down to the right end of the back wall.

2014 May Flowers

Quite a bit of time has gone by with no photos being taken, however we are hopefully back again.

Barkeria scandens (2)

Barkeria scandens.

In situ growing on the wall, deciduous grower, it looks like it is dead and then it starts again from anywhere.

It has done this for 3 or 4 years and now I guess it is old enough to flower, well worth waiting for.

Barkeria scandens (1)

A closer look.

Bulbo medusae (2)

Bulbophyllum medusae.

In situ in the wall.

Bulbo medusae (1)

A closer look.

Bulbo rothschildianum


Bulbophyllum rothschildianum.

In situ in the wall growing very well.

Lae pumila (2)

Laelia pumila.

In situ in the wall, this is the first time flowering.

Lae pumila (1)

A closer look.

Neobenthamia gracilis

Noebenthamia gracilis.

A close up.

This grass like orchid will soon grow into a large clump and will flower often throughout the year.

Neolehmannia porpax 'Chiquita

Neolehmannia porpax ‘ Chiquita’

In situ on the wall, this is the brown form.

Asco ampulaceum (2)

Ascocentrum ampulaceum.

In situ first time flowering.

Asco ampulaceum (1)

A closer look.

Bulbo sinapsis (2)

Bulbophyllum sinapsis.

In situ first time flowering.

B sinapsis

A closer look.

Bulbo wendlandianum

Bulbophyllum wendlandianum.

In situ.

Cat aurantiaca

Cattleya aurantiaca.

In situ.

Cat walkeriana fma aurea

Cattleya walkeriana fma coerulea.

A gorgeous small growing plant growing in situ in the wall.

Cattleya walkeriana fma coerulea

A closer look.

Den chrysotoxum

Dendrobium chrysotoxum.

In situ always flowers well.

Den violaceum (1)

Dendrobium violaceum.

In situ, very shy.

Den violaceum (2)

Hard to get closer.

Enc alata

Encyclia alata.

In situ, nice fragrance.

Epi Bees Knees X Enc  atropurpureum (2)

Cattleya schilleriana X Encyclia cordigera.

In situ, adds a nice bit of colour.

Laelia kautskyi

Laelia kautskyi.

In situ in the wall.

Lae kautskyi

A closer look.

Lyc aromatica

Lycaste aromatica.

In situ,lives up to it’s epithet, very fragrant.

Max variabilis fma aurea

Maxillaria variabilis fma aurea.

Always has lots of flowers.

This one is grown by Judith in Bonsai house.

Milt spectabilis

Miltonia spectabilis.

In situ in the wall,could be first flowering.

Renanthera storei (2)

Renanthera storei.

In situ in the wall, this is the first flowering.

Renanthera storei (1)

A closer look.

Schombolaelia UKSS

An unknown Schombolaelia adds a nice bit of colour.



Den Ellen'Jannese'

Dendrobium Ellen ‘Jannese’

Growing in situ, this white form of Ellen was  a gift from my friend Jack, one of the best orchid grower that I have known.

Den Ellen'Jannese' (3)

A closer look.

Den rhodostichtum (1)

Dendrobium rhodostichtum.

In situ.

Den rhodostichtum

A closer look.

Den sulcatum (1)

Dendrobium sulcatum.

In situ.

Den sulcatum (2)

A closer look.

Lae Kingaroy (2)

Laelia Kingaroy.

In situ, a very vibrant colour.

Lae Kingaroy (1)

A closer look.

Laelia kautskyi (2)

Laelia kautskyi.

In situ.

Laelia kautskyi (1)

A closer look.

Mas infracta

Masdevallia infracta.

In situ.



This month has a few new ones,some hybrids to brighten up the wall and some Sarcs.

Blc Glorious May (2)

Blc Glorious May

In situ.

Blc Glorious May (3)

A closer look.

Cat intermedia

Cattleya intermedia.

This one is quite a tall slim plant.

Cat intermedia'Cherry Pink' (2)

Cattleya intermedia ‘ Cherry Pink’

A medium size plant in situ.

Cat intermedia'Cherry Pink' (1)

A closer look.

Cat intermedia'Judith' (1)‘Judith’

Cattleya intermedia ‘Judith’

A small grower in situ.

Cat intermedia'Judith' (2)

A closer look.

Cat intermedia'Robina' (1)

Cattleya intermedia’Robina’

A medium size plant.

Gon truncata (2)

Gongora truncata.

An unusual flower, best grown in a basket.

This is in situ on the edge of the wall.

Gon truncata (3)

A closer look.

Phal wisonii (2)

Phalaenopsis wilsonii.

A small grower with tiny leaves, in situ.

Phal wisonii (1)

A closer look.

Polystachy galeana

Polystachya galeana.

In situ and still flowering, it flowers most of the year.

Sarco Cream Cake x S fitzgeradii'Lorraine' (2)

Sarcochilus Cream Cake X S fitzgeraldii ‘Lorraine’.

First flowering.

Sarco Dove x S Heidi (1)

Sarcochilus Dove X S Heidi.

In situ.

Sarco Dove x S Heidi (2)

A closer look.

Sarco Fitzhart'Red' (1)

Sarcochilus Fitzhart ‘Red’

In situ

Sarco Fitzhart'Red' (3)

A closer look.

Sarco George Colthup'Globe' x S Sharon (3)

Sarcochilus George Colthup ‘Globe’ X S Sharon

Sarco George Colthup'Globe' x S Sharon (2)

A closer look.

Sarco hartmannii x S australis (2)

Sarcochilus hartmannii X S australis.

In situ.

Sarco hartmannii x S australis (1)

A closer look.

Sarco Heidi'Red Flash' (1)

Sarcochilus Heidi ‘Red Flash’

In situ.

Sarco Heidi'Red Flash' (2)

A closer look.

Sarco Otway's Robin (2)

Sarcochilus Otway’s Robin

In situ.

Sarco Otway's Robin (1)

A closer look.

Sarco Sweetheart (1)

Sarcochilus Sweetheart.

In situ.

Sarco Sweetheart

A closer look.

Sarco Tigress (2)

Sarcochilus Tigress.

In situ.

Sarco Tigress (1)

A closer look.









2013 July Flowers.

Cattleya jenmanii

Cattleya jenmanii.

A lovely flower and delicious perfume.

Dendrochilum glumaceum

Dendrochilum glumaceum.

Plant in situ,very strong fragrance.

Dench glumaceum

A little closer look.

Dendrochilum yuccaefolium (2)

Dendrochilum yuccaefolium.

In situ.

Dendrochilum  yuccaefolium (5)

A closer look.

Lae superbiens

Laelia superbiens.

Very tall inflorescence and a nice perfume.

Maxilaria sophronites (1)

Maxillaria sophronites.

An absolutely gorgeous flower, it has taken ages to flower but well worth waiting for.

Max sophron (1)

A closer look.

Onc cheirophorum

Oncidium cheirophorum.

Another gorgeous orchid growing in situ.

Oncidium cheirophorum

A closer look.

2013 June Flowers

Not a lot flowering this month.

Aerangia macrocentrum

Aerangis macrocentrum.

Calanthe vestita (2)

Calanthe vestita.

A deciduous orchid in situ

Calanthe vestita (1)

A closer look.

Den wenzelii

Dendrochilum wenzelii.

In situ.

Dendrochilum wenzelii

A closer look.

Dinema polybulbon

Dinema polybulbon.

A scrambley plant, best on a host.

Din polybulbon

A closer look.

Epi haemanthum

Epidendrum haemanthum.

Gorgeous little plant, flowers its head off for most of the year.

Liparis viridiflora (3)

Liparis viridiflora.

Plant in situ.

Liparis viridiflora (1)

A closer look.

Oncidium Twinkle (1)

Oncidium Twinkle.

A dainty little hybrid. in situ.

Oncidium Twinkle (2)

A closer look

Pap teres

Papillionanthe teres.

In situ.

Papillionanthe teres (2)

A closer look.

Pleurothallis turkheimii (2)

Pleurothallis turkheimii.

Plant in situ.

Pleurothallis turkheimii (3)

A closer look.

2013 May Flowers

Sorry to have not kept up to date but I will try to rectify it, the big problem there are not to many new plants and I really do not have the room for more,BUT we have made some improvements that will come to light later.

These are flowering this month


Brassia arcuigera

Brassia arcuigera.

Flower sometimes twice through the year

Bulbo Fascination (2)

Bulbophyllum Fascinator.

In situ in the wall.

Bulbo Fascination (1)

A closer look.


Bulbo medusae (1)

Bulbophyllum medusae

Needs room to wander.

Bulbo medusae (2)

Plant in situ.

Bulbo rothschiliana

Bulbophyllum rothschildianum.

A close shot.


Cat bowringiana fma coerulea (1)

Cattleya bowringiana fma coerulea

Cat bowringiana fma coerulea (2)

A closer look

Cerato retisquama

Ceratostylis retisquama.

This plant is slowly getting larger.

Den bracteosum

Dendrobium bracteosum.

Will flower for months on end.

Den fairchildii (2)

Dendrobium fairchildii.

Pendulous habit if not staked.

Den fairchildii (1)

A closer look.

Den lawesii fma bicolor

Dendrobium lawesii fma bicolor.

Plant in situ, a pendulous grower.

Den mutabile

Dendrobium mutabile.

A very pendulous grower.

Jum cormorense

Jumelea cormorensis.

Has a night perfume.

King decumbens

Kingiella decumbens.

Small flowers but pretty, it is deciduous so if it looks dead don’t throw it out.

Laelia anceps

Laelia anceps.

In situ.

Laelia anceps (2)

A closer look.

Laelia anceps semi-alba (2)

Laelia anceps fma semi-alba.

In situ.

Laelia anceps semi-alba (1)

A closer look.

Laelia superbiens

Laelia superbiens.

The first time this clone has flowered, it is a different location and it flowers at a different time to the other plant.

Milt regnelii

Miltonia regnelii.

Unfortunately the grasshoppers love it, it has a strong fragrance.

Milt spectabilis var morelliana

Miltonia spectabilis var morelliana.

Plant in situ.


Neolauchia pulchella.

In situ in the wall.

Onc Gower ramsay 'Ladda'

Oncidium  Gower Ramsey ‘Ladda’

Oncidium flexuosum

Oncidium flexuosum.

This plant is really growing well and is always in flower.

Spathoglottis bulbosa (2)

Spathoglottis bulbosa.

This is the first time this plant has flowered, gorgeous flower.

Spathoglottis bulbosa (1)

A closer look.

From the kitchen window

View from my kitchen window.

The rock wall from centre to the right

Rock wall from center to right.

From left to right

From left to right.

2013 April Flowers.

The weather has been kind, rain on and off mainly at night and things are booming.

Bulbo ebulbe (1)

Bulbophyllum ebulbe.

First time flowering for this orchid, very dainty.

ebulbe means `with no or very small pseudobulb’.

Bulbo ebulbe (2)

Another view.

Bulbo ebulbe (3)

A closer view.

Coel ovalis

Coelogyne ovalis.

This is getting to be a big plant.

Coel ovalis fma alba

Coelogyne ovalis fma alba.

This is also growing very well.

Bulbo propinquum (2)

Bulbophyllum propinquum.

This is the first flowering and I think the name is right but I have no record of buying same.

Open to comments please.


A closer view.


Dendrobium henrii.

This is the first flowering of this orchid.


A closer view.

Lealia perrinii fme coerulea (2)

Laelia perrinii fma coerulea.


Lealia perrinii fme coerulea (1)

A closer view.

Neolehmannia porpax'Chichita'

Neolehmannia porpax `Chiquita’ AM/AOS.

This is an awarded brown clone of the spec

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