After selling the residue of my orchids, we moved down on to the coast and the house we have has a rock retaining wall along the back and up one side, the back one being 1.8m high and 2m deep and the side one 1m high and 1m deep, both about 20m long. The side wall is 1m from the house and the back one varies from 1.2m to 4.5m and is easily viewed from inside the house.

The orchids we brought with us out of our other garden on Tamborine Mt were put in with the original plants but the original planting was not much and it cried out for orchids on and in all the crevices in the wall, so off we went to buy more orchids, who would have thought after selling so many orchids that we would be buying more.This was in early 2008.

The minimum night temperature drops to about 4 or 5 C,  on the Queensland Gold Coast,Australia,the orchids are out in the open and some are shaded by tree ferns. They are planted in coconut fibre and bark with a bit of compost thrown in, they have been in now for 2 years and seem to be doing alright,there are some photographs of the start of planting and as they are today and some hopefully as they will be in the future.

Now in 2010 we are using bark as the coconut fibre is washed off in heavy rain and also when it is dry the wind blows it around. It is not very stable for plants without a pot and stakes look very untidy,as the plants grow they really anchor themselves into the ground and the roots go everywhere,  rather from pot to pot as they do on a bench.

As they flower for so long we often have up to 40+orchids in flower st the same time, it is like a permanent display at an orchid show.

More later,


Ken Blackburn.

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